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The AppleTree Group is a registered non-profit organization that has been dedicated to building stronger, healthier, and more sustainable communities in midtown Toronto since 2008. Through our creative enhancement of public parks and green spaces, AppleTree successfully unites diverse groups of Toronto residents via unique social infrastructure models and inclusive neighbourhood amenities.

Our roots were initially planted in the local food movement where our brand of accessible fresh food markets quickly became modern-day "town squares" uniting residents from diverse households each week to share stories and connect.

Over the next decade, the AppleTree model evolved to include further community outreach initiatives, like free outdoor movie nights and Canada Day parties, to create inclusive and barrier-free entertainment events for all midtown residents.

Through our collaborative partnerships with local non-profits and community schools, we furthered our connective outreach initiatives to include new employment opportunities for new Canadians, social programming for isolated seniors, and skills training for special needs youth. Once we secured funding in 2017 for permanent space enhancement, we built an educational garden in a midtown park that has served as our "outdoor" community classroom offering a diverse array of free, interactive workshops and programs.

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