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Working with our founding partners at AppleTree Markets and Events, The AppleTree Group hosts annual community-building, feel-good events for residents to truly come together and celebrate in the great outdoors! Our annual Halloween Pumpkin Parade, Easter Party in the Park, and Movie Night are fan favourites…and come wintertime (and with cold enough temperatures) the Davisville Natural Skating Rink is so much fun – both to skate on and construct!

Skating rink.jpeg


Skating, among other winter sports, is a big part of the Davisville community. When the local municipal rink closed for construction in 2014, AppleTree decided to build a natural rink in June Rowlands Park to give residents a place to pleasure skate, play shinny, and get out for fresh air and exercise! The annual skating party, with hot chocolate, live music, and ice dancing shows, has become a neighbourhood tradition that brings families together for a little bit of winter fun!


In 2013, two residents came to AppleTree with a spooky concept that was gaining popularity in other areas of Toronto ...and so the Davisville Village Pumpkin Parade was born. Every November 1st, residents display their illuminated creations for all to see and showcase their artistic talents. And cleaning up - aka The Great Pumpkin Toss- is always a fan favourite, whereby kids get to slam-dunk their squashes into the giant municipal composting bin. Good fun...and good for the environment!

pumpkin parade.jpeg
Summer Movie Night


Who doesn’t love a night of cinematic celebration under the stars? AppleTree has been entertaining residents of Davisville Village since 2014 with outdoor movie nights in June Rowlands Park. With the help of some wonderful sponsors and community partners, family-friendly classics and blockbusters are always enjoyed free of charge...and paired with the local concession stand brought to you by AppleTree Markets it’s definitely a favourite night on the annual events calendar!


What started out as a few families and a handful of hidden eggs has grown to our largest event of the year! Since 2016, the team at AppleTree (with the help of their friend DJ Bunny of course!) curate a celebration in June Rowlands Park like no other: thousands of hidden chocolate eggs, a dance party with the rabbit himself, an Easter parade down Mount Pleasant Road..and even free movies shown at our local independent movie theatre! Definitely an event not to be missed!

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